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Fire Extinguishers in Sydney 

We are Flame Safety Products offering fire extinguishers in Sydney and more. Dedicated to keep your homes and your businesses safe.

When it comes to choosing the right fire extinguisher in Sydney, no single type of extinguisher is fully effective on every kind of fire. So before buying a fire extinguisher, it is vital to look carefully at what type of fire you could have to deal with.

It is important to know the different types of extinguishers as the cause of the fire plays a significant role on the type of extinguisher you need to put it out. Choosing the wrong type of fire extinguisher for the job can be very dangerous, make the fire worse and risk injuring those attempting to fight the fire. We are here to help our customers so contact us anytime if you need help.

What is a Fire Extinguisher?

Fire Extinguisher is an equipment you can use to extinguish small fires or fires that are just starting and can be controlled. Fire extinguishers are used for emergency reasons and are not supposed to help on huge fire such as fire in a house that is already escaping the roof.

Fire extinguishers are common, and every building is required to have one. However, it is important that we all know what type of fire extinguisher is appropriate to use during emergency situations to avoid further damage.

Here is a diagram of the classes of fire and the type of fire extinguisher you need to use:

As seen on the chart, there are 4 classes of fire:

Class A – Wood, Paper, textiles, etc (normal combustibles)

Class B – Flammable liquids like petrol and paint

Class E – Electrical Fires

Class F – Oil, Fats, Cooking oil, vegetable oil, animal fats

Flame Safety Products are offering 5 types of Fire extinguishers in Sydney. Each fire extinguishers is used for a certain class of fire and here’s an explanation on why they’re effective on certain classes and not on some:

DCP (Dry Chemical Powder)

DCP can only be used for classes A, B and E. The DCP fire extinguisher works to stop the chemical reaction by creating a barrier between the oxygen and the fuel elements. Again, incorrect usage can re-ignite or make the fire worse even after the fire’s been extinguished.

Wet Chemical

Wet Chemical is used for Class A and Class F fires. Most restaurants or commercial kitchens have this type of fire extinguisher. Wet chemical removes heat and stops re-ignition when this fire extinguisher is used.

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

CO2 is perfect for Class B and E fires. CO2 fire extinguishers discharges a very cold element stopping removing the heat and oxygen element in the fire. Usually not effective on Class A and F fires.


Use on Class A fire only. This type of fire extinguisher has the potential to spread more fire if it was used on another Class B, E and F fires. It can also provide electric shock when used on electrical fire. This is why knowing the classes of fire and types of fire extinguishers is important.


Use on Class A and B fire. Foam and Water fire extinguishers separate the heat element from the fire. Foam fire extinguishers also separate the oxygen element making them effective on flammable liquids such as petrol and paint.

In Sydney, or in any part of Australia, fire extinguishers have four types of serving levels:

  • Level 1: 6 months inspection and maintenance, requires visual or any specific checks
  • Level 2: 12 months scheduled inspection which consists of level 1 inspection plus tag checking, testing, recharge if necessary and a fire safety statement.
  • Level 4: 5 Year inspection which consists of level 1 and 2 plus pressure testing
  • Level 5: After use inspection and maintenance, recharging and other specific checks

Why purchase fire extinguishers in Sydney from Flame Safety Products?

Flame Safety products offers fire extinguishers in Sydney that are affordable and from a whole sale price. We are experts in the field and we know exactly the type of fire extinguisher that is needed for residential and commercial properties. Aside from fire extinguishers, you can also get other fire safety and equipment products through us.

If you want to enquire about wholesale or if you want a fire safety audit, call us at 0413 193 799 or send us a message through our online form.